January 27th, 2021



Extracted from From How to Master The Times Crossword by Tim Moorey (available from Amazon and all usual sources)

The essential point of indicators of anagram clues is that they show a rearrangement, a disturbance to the natural order or a change to be made.

There are very many ways of doing this, some reasonably straightforward but others requiring a stretch of the imagination. For example words related to drunkenness and madness have to be taken as involving disturbance so that ‘stoned’, ‘pickled’, ‘tight’ ‘bananas’, ‘nuts’, ‘crackers and ‘out to lunch’ could all be misleading ways to indicate anagrams. This table is designed to expand on the various categories of rearrangement by giving a few examples of each:

ARRANGEMENT sorted / somehow/ anyhow

REARRANGEMENT revised / reassembled / resort

CHANGE     bursting /out of place / shift

DEVELOPMENT improved / worked / treat

WRONGNESS amiss / in error / messed up

STRANGENESS odd / fantastic / eccentric

DRUNKENNESS smashed / hammered / lit up

MADNESS crazy / outraged / up the wall

MOVEMENT mobile / runs / hit

DISTURBANCE broken / muddled  / upset

INVOLVEMENT complicated  / tangled / implicated

Copyright to Tim Moorey is acknoweldged