jackkt (jackkt) wrote,

Times Quick Cryptic 1939 by Felix Theme Notes

Today's theme is from the Three Witches scene in Macbeth (Act IV, Scene I).

The references I found, all in the Acrosses were:
1 & 5 EYE (of) NEWT
8 & 9 TOE (of) FROG
10 NOSE (of Turk)
11 has EAR, and I’d have sworn that ‘ear’ was in the mix somewhere but unless I’m going blind it isn’t, at least in my edition.
Nothing at all in 12 unless you count (blinded) C{h}A{s}T{e} !
14 ADDER(‘s fork)
16 (howlet’s} WING
18 {blind-)WORM(‘s sting)
20 (lizard’s) LEG
21 (wool of) BAT
23 & 24 TONGUE (of) DOG
There’s no ‘skin of panther’ in the recipe but it’s quite neat that the clue at 1ac gives a nod to what’s to come.

Have I missed anything?

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